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Abu Dhabi to host F1 In Compressed Air Schools™ World Finals 2012 – Compressor

F1 in Schools™ have announced their eighth World Finals will be held in Abu Dhabi from October 29-31, coinciding with the 2012 Formula 1 Etihad Airways Abu Dhabi Grand Prix. Over 250 students from around the world are expected to attend the event after winning the National Finals in their home countries.
The educational initiative, which [...]

Pneumatic Powered Bike

Great use of basic pneumatic fittings to produce power to a bike! Not quite enough room for an air compressor on that little bike!

Changing the oil on an air compressor video guide

How to do an oil change on an air compressor.

FIAC Rotary Screw Compressors

Good video explaining the features and workings of the FIAC Rotary Screw Compressor ranges. Thanks Australian man!

Air Powered Push Bike Project

Cool project, will keep an eye on this!

Buyer’s Guide: Oil Free or Oil Air Compressor?

An air compressor is a very handy tool, whether you’re working on your house or in your garage. It is of great help for a variety of tasks. However, choosing the right kind of air compressor is a tad bit confusing. The most confusion is when you have to decide between an oil free compressor and [...]

What Can I Use To Reduce the Noise level of my Air Compressor?

You can carry out air compressor noise reduction with a few simple moves. You can use sound dampers that will block the sound and prevent it from spreading. Apart from a separate room, you can also use expansion chamber mufflers that will block much of the sound from the air compressors. These absorptive mufflers are [...]

NASA purchases cutting-edge Cornish compressed air robot

In a triumph for West Country technical prowess and engineering knowhow, NASA has ordered a compressor powered robot made in Cornwall. Check out the video here…

Compressed Air Dangers – Health and Safety

There are two concerns in safety when using compressed air. (Flying objects and the air itself) Horseplay has been a cause of some serious workplace accidents caused by individuals not aware of the hazards of compressed air. Some television shows have shown bad examples on the use of compressed air.
Compressed air is extremely forceful. Depending [...]

Importance of Air and Oil Filtration

The air inlet filter is the most important filter on your compressor.
Dust ingestion will drastically reduce the life of the compressor element, oil separator element and compressor oil.

The most important task for a compressor inlet air filter is to ensure sufficient protection of the compressor element against wear under most of the common environmental conditions.
By [...]