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Abu Dhabi to host F1 In Compressed Air Schools™ World Finals 2012 – Compressor

F1 in Schools™ have announced their eighth World Finals will be held in Abu Dhabi from October 29-31, coinciding with the 2012 Formula 1 Etihad Airways Abu Dhabi Grand Prix. Over 250 students from around the world are expected to attend the event after winning the National Finals in their home countries.
The educational initiative, which [...]

Benefits And Applications Of Compressed Air

Compressed air is a safe and reliable power source that is widely used throughout industry. In fact, approximately 70% of all companies use compressed air for some aspect of their operations.
Unlike the other utilities, compressed air is generated on-site, giving users much more control over usage and air quality.

Feature of compressed air

Example of use

It can [...]

Putting out fires while using compressed air

The concept of “surround and drown” has been a basic firefighting concept since the first fire brigades formed.
But relatively new technology that utilizes compressed air and fire retardant foam is starting to prove it can be more effective in some instances.
John Finley, president and CEO of Finley Fire Equipment in McConnelsville, said compressed air foam [...]

Pressurized airplane cabins using compressed air

Last week the world was treated to an unexpected spectacle – the sight of an airplane cabin with a big hole in it open to the sky. We can imagine that this spectacle was even more unexpected to people who were on the flight. If you saw photos or video of the hole, you may [...]

Compressed Air Powered Motorbikes

No – not a discarded prop from the last Iron Man flick, this beast of a bike packs a neat pair of compressed air cylinders, the power reserve of Saline Bird (the proud beast you see here prepped to set off across that pristine salt flat). So is it a bike powered by an air compressor?
There’s [...]

Compressed air could reduce consumption by half!

The energy generated when a car brakes could be stored as compressed air and used to save on fuel, according to researchers in Sweden.
Electric cars and electric hybrid cars already make use of brake energy to power a generator that charges the batteries. However, according to Per Tunestål, a researcher in Combustion Engines at Lund University [...]

Lego Compressed Air Engine

Powered by compressed air. Great sound!
Lego Compressed Air Engine

Compressed Air Vehicle

Pneumatic Powered Bike

Great use of basic pneumatic fittings to produce power to a bike! Not quite enough room for an air compressor on that little bike!

Air Compressor Sound Level – Test and Comparison

Interesting video showing how noisy cheap air compressors can be.  Best to buy quality air compressors!