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Silent Air Compressors: As if the dentist’s drill wasn’t noisy enough…

You might not see it, but there’s an air compressor lurking somewhere in your dentist’s surgery. How else do you think he does that annoying thing where he sticks a tube into your mouth and you hear a hiss and feel a sudden blast of cold air on your teeth? Hang on a minute though, [...]

Vertical compressor: stands the test.

A vertical compressor is always there: maybe in the corner, maybe in the middle of the floor, maybe backed to the wall or maybe to the side of another piece of equipment, but usually standing still and tall and, crucially, stationary.
Where you have an ongoing need for a power supply to operate something such as [...]

Air compressor supplier Nottingham: a light in the dark

Like the beam of light from a lighthouse guiding ships to safety, an air compressor supplier in Nottingham provides a service to workplaces which is at the very least useful and at the most a life-saving act.
For body repair shops when the air tools necessary to weld, hammer, ratchet, spray paint, and inflate need a [...]

Entire Cities Could Run on Compressed Air

Not only can compressed air power compressed air tools. The company LightSail Energy started out a few years ago with a student’s modest idea for a compressed air scooter, and now it has just raised $37.3 million in private funding to bring utility scale, compressed air energy storage to the market. That’s a big leap [...]

Compressor servicing : a bank account

If our banks carried out servicing of our household accounts as thoroughly as we undertake compressor servicing, then we would be happy people.  A good overhaul of all our debits and a review of loans and credits, a few tweaks here and there, in our favour of course, and a recalculation of the balance – [...]

Vertical compressor: treasured like all the Vs

A vertical compressor stands tall, just as you would want it to.  Filling the air rather than the ground, it is a beauty for saving on floor space if you are short of it. Small workshops will find that a vertical compressor will not hinder the flow of traffic by much at all, which is [...]

Forget electric cars, this one runs on compressed air

India’s Tata Motors is pushing technology for compressed air to power cars forward with its project to build “Airpods” — zero-pollution, cute-as-a-bug smartcars that zip along at 40 m.p.h. via the magic of squeezed air, The Atlantic Cities reports.
They are built with pneumatic motors that use pressurized air to drive pistons.
The mid-sized model fits three passengers, although one must face [...]

Upgrade Your Garage Air Compressor With Compressed Air Tools

When you get serious about auto repair, it’s time to stock your garage with a good air compressor and air tools. These are the ones in our garage.

You can tell by the extent of a car guy’s air system when he’s gone from hobbyist to automotive mental patient. For grease monkeys the world over, air [...]

App for compressed air measurement

Boge has launched an iPhone app which provides compressed air users with a remote monitoring solution.
The app enables remote viewing of information such as temperature, pressure, operating and idling times. It also notifies the user of fault messages or warnings.
The app receives data from the Boge airstatus remote auditing system which is installed inside the [...]

Pursuit Motorcycle Runs on Compressed Air

Environmentally friendly people look out for this new innovative vehicle which runs completely on air! Ok, so it still requires energy to power the air compression compressor system but it is the first step towards an environmentally friendly future on the road. The Industrial Student Dean Benstead designed the bike looking to this future.
The design of [...]