Air Compressors Buying Guide

Buying an air compressor can be a tricky. Talk of horsepower, pressure and CFM can be confusing. Make sure you speak to a specialist that has the experience to recommend the right air compressor for your application. They will save you hassle and money in the long run.

The size of the tank and the power of the pump will determine the output of air compressor. So the very first thing to do when detemining what tank and what power of pump you require is to think about what tools you will be using:

1) Will you be use just one tool at a time? Or would two or more people be using 2 or more tools each at the same time?

2) Tools use air at a rate of CFM. So you need to work out which tool uses the most CFM and ensure your compressor can deliver that figure and a bit more!

There are two types of CFM figure that the tool spec should show:


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