Silent Air Compressors: As if the dentist’s drill wasn’t noisy enough…

You might not see it, but there’s an air compressor lurking somewhere in your dentist’s surgery. How else do you think he does that annoying thing where he sticks a tube into your mouth and you hear a hiss and feel a sudden blast of cold air on your teeth? Hang on a minute though, air compressors are big and powerful and…noisy, aren’t they? The answer is: not always.

Dental and medical surgeries, hospitals and other workplaces that need a supply of low-pressure compressed air but don’t need additional noise pollution rely upon silent air compressors. Specialist air compressor manufactures such as Bambi produce silent air compressors to very high specifications that are suited to use in medical environments. Bambi silent air compressors typically have a noise output below 40 decibels; a typical conversation between two people is around 60 decibels. Which means that if your dentist’s silent air compressor is tucked away in a cupboard you won’t even know it’s there, leaving you free to enjoy the whine of the dentist’s drill and the sound of his scream when you bite his finger…

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