Compressor servicing : a bank account

If our banks carried out servicing of our household accounts as thoroughly as we undertake compressor servicing, then we would be happy people.  A good overhaul of all our debits and a review of loans and credits, a few tweaks here and there, in our favour of course, and a recalculation of the balance – also in our favour, and we would be absolutely delighted.  This is the stuff of dreams, and wild dreams at that. Usually we simply get a letter describing a whole new set of charges for any type of accounts administration.

Compressor servicing is a much more down to earth type of overhaul – and as we will review, clean and adjust your equipment, and even suggest replacement parts where necessary, we are definitely in the land of those who are conscious.  Compressor servicing with Air Supplies is, without a shadow of a doubt, a job that does actually exist in our world.  We carefully examine the under and over spends of each and every air compressor and examine the reasons for the occasional overdraft, and then we simply apply our maintenance services. Hey presto, a working and usable compressor with plenty of mileage, until its next compressor service, and we quite categorically do not apply any hidden or over charges.

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