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Vertical compressor: stands the test.

A vertical compressor is always there: maybe in the corner, maybe in the middle of the floor, maybe backed to the wall or maybe to the side of another piece of equipment, but usually standing still and tall and, crucially, stationary.
Where you have an ongoing need for a power supply to operate something such as [...]

Air compressor supplier Nottingham: a light in the dark

Like the beam of light from a lighthouse guiding ships to safety, an air compressor supplier in Nottingham provides a service to workplaces which is at the very least useful and at the most a life-saving act.
For body repair shops when the air tools necessary to weld, hammer, ratchet, spray paint, and inflate need a [...]

Entire Cities Could Run on Compressed Air

Not only can compressed air power compressed air tools. The company LightSail Energy started out a few years ago with a student’s modest idea for a compressed air scooter, and now it has just raised $37.3 million in private funding to bring utility scale, compressed air energy storage to the market. That’s a big leap [...]

Compressor servicing : a bank account

If our banks carried out servicing of our household accounts as thoroughly as we undertake compressor servicing, then we would be happy people.  A good overhaul of all our debits and a review of loans and credits, a few tweaks here and there, in our favour of course, and a recalculation of the balance – [...]