Vertical compressor: treasured like all the Vs

A vertical compressor stands tall, just as you would want it to.  Filling the air rather than the ground, it is a beauty for saving on floor space if you are short of it. Small workshops will find that a vertical compressor will not hinder the flow of traffic by much at all, which is not the only advantage of this useful piece of compressor equipment. It is easy to install, will not move around and has a reputation for reliability and for years of faithful service – just like a pet Labrador, except of course it is taller and does not bounce.

The vertical compressor shares its leading initial with many illustrious others: a vampire – notorious for tall and elegant, if dangerous and disturbing, presence, a vaulting pole jumper – famous for leaping on the end of a huge willow stick during Olympic games, a violin – known for heartrending soulful strings that make beautiful music, a vaudeville act – enjoyed by so many in the heyday of musicals, a vanquished love – a requisite in most Hollywood movies and a velveteen rabbit – loved by so many children. There are so many Vs we can’t list them all.

Our vertical compressor equipment offers the same high quality that all the Vs do. Go further into this website and you will find a range of very good, very sturdy and very respectable vertical compressors amongst which you will almost certainly find what you are looking for.

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