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Forget electric cars, this one runs on compressed air

India’s Tata Motors is pushing technology for compressed air to power cars forward with its project to build “Airpods” — zero-pollution, cute-as-a-bug smartcars that zip along at 40 m.p.h. via the magic of squeezed air, The Atlantic Cities reports.
They are built with pneumatic motors that use pressurized air to drive pistons.
The mid-sized model fits three passengers, although one must face [...]

Upgrade Your Garage Air Compressor With Compressed Air Tools

When you get serious about auto repair, it’s time to stock your garage with a good air compressor and air tools. These are the ones in our garage.

You can tell by the extent of a car guy’s air system when he’s gone from hobbyist to automotive mental patient. For grease monkeys the world over, air [...]

App for compressed air measurement

Boge has launched an iPhone app which provides compressed air users with a remote monitoring solution.
The app enables remote viewing of information such as temperature, pressure, operating and idling times. It also notifies the user of fault messages or warnings.
The app receives data from the Boge airstatus remote auditing system which is installed inside the [...]

Pursuit Motorcycle Runs on Compressed Air

Environmentally friendly people look out for this new innovative vehicle which runs completely on air! Ok, so it still requires energy to power the air compression compressor system but it is the first step towards an environmentally friendly future on the road. The Industrial Student Dean Benstead designed the bike looking to this future.
The design of [...]

Abu Dhabi to host F1 In Compressed Air Schools™ World Finals 2012 – Compressor

F1 in Schools™ have announced their eighth World Finals will be held in Abu Dhabi from October 29-31, coinciding with the 2012 Formula 1 Etihad Airways Abu Dhabi Grand Prix. Over 250 students from around the world are expected to attend the event after winning the National Finals in their home countries.
The educational initiative, which [...]