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Air Powered Push Bike Project

Cool project, will keep an eye on this!

Honda Air Powered Car

Conceptualizing the vision of the future of four-wheeler vehicles, Honda Air Design is the latest take by Honda Advanced Design Studio. Relying on the latest high-tech advancements, the design is inspired by the modern roller coaster and the skydiving wing-suits. Powered by a compressed air and pneumatic regulator system, this car touts its lightweight and [...]

Buyer’s Guide: Oil Free or Oil Air Compressor?

An air compressor is a very handy tool, whether you’re working on your house or in your garage. It is of great help for a variety of tasks. However, choosing the right kind of air compressor is a tad bit confusing. The most confusion is when you have to decide between an oil free compressor and [...]

What Can I Use To Reduce the Noise level of my Air Compressor?

You can carry out air compressor noise reduction with a few simple moves. You can use sound dampers that will block the sound and prevent it from spreading. Apart from a separate room, you can also use expansion chamber mufflers that will block much of the sound from the air compressors. These absorptive mufflers are [...]