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Compressed Air Powered Dishwasher

Designed by Peter Wong, this compressed air dishwasher utilizes the compressed air as the main element in the cleaning of the dishes. With the compressed air, it also utilizes steam in order to give you clean dishes. So, it makes it different from rest of its classmates. In addition to the difference in the function, [...]

NASA purchases cutting-edge Cornish compressed air robot

In a triumph for West Country technical prowess and engineering knowhow, NASA has ordered a compressor powered robot made in Cornwall. Check out the video here…

Compressed Air Dangers – Health and Safety

There are two concerns in safety when using compressed air. (Flying objects and the air itself) Horseplay has been a cause of some serious workplace accidents caused by individuals not aware of the hazards of compressed air. Some television shows have shown bad examples on the use of compressed air.
Compressed air is extremely forceful. Depending [...]

Importance of Air and Oil Filtration

The air inlet filter is the most important filter on your compressor.
Dust ingestion will drastically reduce the life of the compressor element, oil separator element and compressor oil.

The most important task for a compressor inlet air filter is to ensure sufficient protection of the compressor element against wear under most of the common environmental conditions.
By [...]

Compressor Help, Compressed Air Advice – Questions & Answers Forum

Check out the Air Supplies Compressor Help and Advice Forum.
Its a brilliant way to get fast effective relief from compressor problems!
Help with ABAC Compressor and BAMBI Compressors questions, or anything compressed air related.